I’m a young animator, illustrator and comic artist living in Kansas. Having graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute, I’m currently seeking a job where I can utilize my passion for illustration and animation. My style is unique and varied, and my work ethic is top-notch. I am eager and ready to work.

A Bit About My Background-

I have had four years of formal art training and graduated KCAI with a BFA in animation, as well as being self-taught in illustration/comics for many more years. As I have worked in animation, illustration, and comics I have tirelessly developed my skills. This interdisciplinary work has made me a well-rounded, multi-faceted artist who is willing to tackle any artistic challenge presented.
Professionally, I have tackled many different projects and look forward to working on many more.
Other past projects I have worked on are being a contributing artist on “Galaxy Girl” Issue 1 by Andrew Taylor, spot illustrator for “Triple Ace Games”, being a freelance artist for Custom Tattoo Design and more.

If you are looking for a talented artist who can get you a high-quality product done on time, I would love to talk to you.

Below is a resume and some letters of recommendation.


-Contact Info-



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